As the owner of Oak and Alchemy, I was always inspired by interior design growing up. Whether it be in movies, a magazine, or all over Pinterest as we see today. How you design the place you call home really captivates who you are as a person. I also knew I wanted to be my own boss after really being inspired by the entrepreneurs in my life.  So at the age of 21, my mom and I renovated an old home to be open concept. We didn’t have a coffee table for about a year  and after becoming tired of many drinks being spilled I decided we needed a statement piece to bring everything in the room together. I decided to make her a Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table for Christmas. Everyone who then came over raved about how cool it was and how I should sell them. By April I was convinced. I posted Mom’s table on the local Classifieds and within a week it was sold and gone (she has since received numerous pieces since then).  I would then spend that summer in the backyard making and selling close to a hundred coffee tables. My love and also hate for reclaimed wood became something I could not deny. The character in old wood and feel of making something with your hands is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. Even if it takes getting splinters clear through your hand whilst doing so. That winter I found an industrial shop for the business to call home.

Our designs have now matured and we are now welding pieces I never could have imagined. We compete with furniture shops I use to look up to and obsess over. My furniture has led me to meet so many talented individuals that inspire me to step up my game every single day. It has also given me opportunities to work with my best friends, and also to have the satisfaction of providing people with custom furniture that will truly withstand the hands of time. I have seen my furniture in open houses locally, in Europe and all over the states and I certainly will never forget when one of the Property Brothers commented on one of our pieces on Instagram. It’s those little things that keep me inspired and driven to create new designs and meet new people through my passion and furniture. I know Oak & Alchemy is only one chapter of my love for Interior Design and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Thanks so much,